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Rant and Rave

What has happened to driving standards in the UK!, now I’ll admit I’m old and probably going a bit senile but I’ve been driving cars and riding bikes on the road and on tracks for over 40 years and I just cannot believe how bad driving standards have become. Government big wigs and Whitehall mandarins and to some extent the BBC constantly bombard us with statistics of how much better our driving standards are compared to other European countries, what a load of cobblers. Anybody can manipulate statistics to prove their argument, it all depends on the question you ask or what bit of data you use. Continue reading “Rant and Rave”

Driving abroad

If your new to riding abroad you might want to consider this, it’s easy to forget which side of the road to ride on, especially if you’re on a quiet country road. Just remember, keep the throttle hand in the hedge !

Plastic Panel Tips

When taking modern plastic panels of your bike to carry out any maintenance you will find that they have a no of rubber grommets or plastic lugs holding them in place, to make refitting and future removal much easier raid the first aid box and get the Vaseline/petroleum jelly out or go to the chemist and ask for a large tub of Vaseline, but be prepared for some strange looks. Continue reading “Plastic Panel Tips”